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Identifying a T-Valve (TV) versus an RV-Valve (RV)

The T-Valve (TV) is the new valve which is slowly replacing all designs based on the more fragile Schrader Release Valves (RV). Depending on stocks of parts, some batches may be supplied with either TV or RV types of valves.

You can release gas from TV valve using two methods:

  • You can release gas the same way as with a Ball Valve BV with a 3mm rod/key and a light hammer. This allows you to release gas in small identical steps.
  • Or if you prefer to use a tool (provided separately) you can release gas the same way as with the old RV valve, but the gas will be reduced in a less controlled way.

How do you know if you have an old RV or a new TV on your design?

In order to access the valve, for both types you must remove the end-fitting and the stud located at the end of the tube.

T-Valve vs RV-Valve

The RV valve has a pin standing out inside the cavity The TV valve is flat at the bottom of the cavity
RV Valve T Valve

If you have a gas spring with a RV Valve, please consult the RV-Valve page.

If you have a gas spring with a TV Valve, please consult the TV-Valve page.

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