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Design Custom Manufactured Gas Springs


While the gas spring is a simple device, correct use in even simple applications can be complex and time consuming. To save engineering time and simplify the process, IGS offers two methods to meet your needs:

  1. If you know what type and size of IGS gas spring you are interested in, please complete a Request for Quote form.
  2. If you require help in determining the correct size and force for your application. IGS offers free computer aided gas spring design services. Simply complete the Gas Springs Application Spec Sheet and return it with a side-view drawing of the application. The data will be input and an installation diagram (figure 1) and hand-force graph (figure 2) will be provided within 24 hours together with spring specifications and other suggestions. The service has been used on thousands of applications with great success - often to the surprise of the most sophisticated users.

Application for Custom Gas Springs

Figure 1

Research for Custom Gas Springs

Figure 2

IGS's support services do not end with the initial recommendation. Once the design process begins, our product and application specialists provide continuous support from concept to commercial production and throughout the life of the product.

When standard gas springs are not suitable, IGS product specialists will work with you to design custom gas springs to meet specific application requirements.



Verifying Data

Any design calculations done by Industrial Gas Springs Inc. are based on information provided by the customer. It is the customer's responsibility to ensure that the data used in these calculations are accurate and up to date and that they understand the given recommendations and directions. If at any time the customer has reason to believe the data are not correct or have been changed they must notify Industrial Gas Springs Inc. A recalculation will then be performed with the new data. Also, if the customer is unsure of how to follow the stated mounting locations or general use of the Industrial Gas Springs Inc parts they should request additional explanation. These calculations are valid for the listed Industrial Gas Springs Inc part ONLY. Industrial Gas Springs Inc. can not verify the operation of any substitute parts or replacements.

While Industrial Gas Springs Inc. has made every effort to ensure the accuracy of their calculations, responsibility cannot be accepted for the suitability of the proposal. Because Industrial Gas Springs Inc does not have knowledge of the application e.g. the friction forces, how accurately the gas spring will be mounted, the environmental conditions, side load forces, the normal abuse the gas spring will suffer etc. prototypes of the above suggested should BE  TESTED AND APPROVED BEFORE FURTHER QUANTITIES ARE ORDERED.


The gas springs are designed to safely support the weight of the application under normal conditions. In cases where the units might result in personal injury, or where windy conditions and other unpredictable circumstances might cause the application to be pushed down, additional safety locks, stays or supports must be used.

Installation Information

Great care must be taken to ensure that no damage occurs to the rod that would damage the internal seal specifically :


On standard gas springs (without a special internal oil chamber) there is a seal where the rod enters the body. For correct working, the rod must be lubricated by the oil within the body. For this reason standard gas springs must be :


Our springs will not tolerate side load forces. Wherever possible ball joints must be used to take up side loads. They are also not designed to be used as stops. Physical stops should be used to ensure that no undue force is applied which might over compress or over extend the gas springs.


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