Our Most Popular Lines Of Gas Springs »

Volumeline Gas Springs ยป

High volume, low cost, commercial grade gas springs.

Customline Gas Springs »

Top of the line, robust design, industrial grade gas springs.

Stainless Steel Gas Springs »

316L stainless steel, corrosion resistant, industrial grade gas springs.

RV Replacement Gas Springs »

Custom built & designed springs exclusive to the RV industry.

Threaded Ball Studs

Industrial Gas Springs only offers threaded ball studs as separate parts that fit Volume Line ball joint end-fittings. All Custom Line ball studs are only available as a complete unit with the end fitting.

Gas Spring Ball Stud

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Part # Ball Stud Diameter (A) Material Thread
Pitch (B)
Thread Length (C) Hex Nut Size (D) Ball Stud Length (E)
HS-101 10mm Zinc Plated Steel 5/16 0.54" 0.5" 0.66"
HS-106 10mm Zinc Plated Steel 5/16 0.75" 0.5" 0.66"
HS-109 10mm Zinc Plated Steel 5/16 1.00" 0.5" 0.66"
HS-118 10mm Zinc Plated Steel M6 0.49" 0.39" 0.59"
HS-119 10mm Zinc Plated Steel M8 0.55" 0.47" 0.81"
HS-130 13mm Zinc Plated Steel 5/16 0.625" 0.5" 0.79"
HS-101SS 10mm Stainless Steel 5/16 0.54" 0.5" 0.66"
HS-130SS 13mm Stainless Steel 5/16 0.625" 0.5" 0.79"

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