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Volumeline Gas Springs »

High volume, low cost, commercial grade gas springs.

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Top of the line, robust design, industrial grade gas springs.

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316L stainless steel, corrosion resistant, industrial grade gas springs.

RV Replacement Gas Springs »

Custom built & designed springs exclusive to the RV industry.

Frequently Asked Questions about Gas Springs


Which direction should I mount my gas springs?

Gas springs should be mounted ROD END DOWN for proper lubrication. Gas Spring & Strut Mounting Recommendations

If I have a 50 lbs lid, do I just need 50 lbs springs?

Gas springs need to be sized to properly support and assist the weight of the lid, but this is based more on position than size. Consult IGS Technical for installation recommendations for your particular application. Gas Spring & Strut Design Services

Is the gas spring force adjustable?

Only Custom Line springs with a release valve option can be REDUCED from the original force. If too much gas is released, springs can be returned for recharging. Gas Spring & Strut Release Valves

Can gas springs be "regassed"?

Gas springs are self contained, and are not repairable. A spring that has lost some or all of its force has damaged main seals, and cannot be "regassed", and should be replaced. Service and Repair Recommendations

Do I need any special tools to install a gas spring?

Typically gas springs are installed EXTENDED and can be installed with simple hand tools. DO NOT install gas springs COMPRESSED.

When it’s cold why does my gas spring not lift properly.

Gas springs are pressurized containers, and the force will vary with temperature, dropping in force as the temperature falls. Temperature affect on Gas Spring & Strut

What is the longest stroke available?

IGS Inc stock springs with strokes up to 20”, but custom OEM designs can exceed 60” of stroke.

My gas spring broke at the threads, why?

Gas springs need to be installed in line with no more than a 12% offset at the mounting points. Greater than this will side load the spring and damage the main seal or snap off the ball stud if forces are great enough.

What is the proper way to select a gas spring into my OEM design?

IGS offers free design assistance for any OEM application. We design solutions! Gas Spring & Strut Design Services


Is there a minimum order quantity?

Standard springs can be ordered in any quantity. Custom designed springs may have minimum quantities in Production.

Can I order a specially designed spring?

IGS manufactures Custom designs for any new or redesigned OEM equipment. Service and Repair Recommendations

I have a spring from another manufacturer, can IGS cross-reference it?

Gas springs vary in design, but most can be crossed to similar IGS springs to suit the application. IGS does not provide replacements for OEM custom springs.

How long is the lead time (for both custom and standard parts)?

Standard items ship in 3-5 days A.R.O., Custom springs carry a 7-8 week lead-time throughout the year.

What types of payments are accepted?

Credit terms can be extended upon approval. Please complete the Credit Request form for a review. Credit Cards, COD and additional payment options can also be arranged. Credit Request Form

Can I buy your springs at the retail level?

IGS Inc does not provide retail Sales, and cannot sell to individuals. Orders can only be accepted from companies with a Federal Tax ID.


Can I return springs for recycle to IGS

Gas springs that have been completely degassed can be disposed of according to local metal recycling laws.

I have gas springs on my RV/camper bed but it won’t lift of lower properly. What should I do?

You should contact the dealer or manufacturer of the RV or camper for any service or warranty issues. The gas springs were designed to be used with all of the original equipment, mattress, bedding etc, so make sure that all of this is in place and on the bed before attempting to raise or lower it. If all of the original material is on the bed and it still is not operating properly, contact the dealer or manufacturer of the RV/camper to see if it is covered under their warranty or service plan. If not you will have to contact a retail distributor of gas springs as IGS can not sell to end user individuals or at a retail level.

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