Our Most Popular Lines Of Gas Springs »

Volumeline Gas Springs »

High volume, low cost, commercial grade gas springs.

Customline Gas Springs »

Top of the line, robust design, industrial grade gas springs.

Stainless Steel Gas Springs »

316L stainless steel, corrosion resistant, industrial grade gas springs.

RV Replacement Gas Springs »

Custom built & designed springs exclusive to the RV industry.

Tension & Traction Gas Springs

Industrial Gas Springs supplies a complete range of tension gas springs. Also referred to as traction springs, these units operate the opposite of compression gas springs; they retract rather than extend. Mounting constraints often do not allow for the use of compression springs; i.e., doors and access panels hinged horizontally at the bottom and any type of cover or lid that must be pulled open or pulled shut. Tension gas springs also often function as tensioners on mechanical assemblies and belt drives. IGS offers these units in both mild steel and stainless steel construction in a number of sizes.

SizeStroke RangeForce RangeK-FactorExtended LengthMaterials
6/18 30 – 300 mm 100-600 N 1.55 2 X Stroke + 85 mm Steel / Stainless
8/23 30 – 400 mm 200-1000 N 1.60 2 X Stroke + 85 mm Steel / Stainless
10/28 30 – 500 mm 300-1500 N 1.60 2 X Stroke + 100 mm Steel / Stainless
14/40 50 – 500 mm 500-3500 N 1.70 2 X Stroke + 100 mm Steel / Stainless

The Size column refers to the rod and body diameters.

To calculate the approximate pulled out (extended length) without fittings, use the formulas in the extended length column above.

Tension Gas Springs

Please contact IGS to discuss your specific requirements. IGS offers free Design Application Services for all tension gas spring applications. Please refer to the Gas Spring Design Services page for more details.

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