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High volume, low cost, commercial grade gas springs.

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Temperature and Gas Springs

Temperature Effect on Gas Springs & Struts

How temperature affects gas spring force: the force produced by a gas spring varies linearly by 0.19% for each degree F change from ambient (68° F). For example, a 30 degree change results in a 5.7% (30 X 0.19% = 5.7%) change in spring force.

Gas Spring & Strut Operating Temperature Range

The following chart gives the operating and survival temperature ranges for gas springs manufactured with standard, low temperature and high temperature seals. RV refers to "release valve" which is a standard option on most Customline units. The seal properties of the RV reduce the temperature ratings. If an alternative Ball valve (BV) or T-valve (TV) is used, there is no temperature range reduction.

 Type SpringOperating Temp. RangeSurvival Temp. RangeNote
  Standard and Stainless Steel -13°F to 158°F (-25°C to +70°C) -31°F to 158°F (-35°C to +70°C) All current and stock parts
  Schrader Valve 23°F to 158°F (-5°C to +70°C) 5°F to 158°F (-15°C to +70°C) Older, discontinued Schrader Valve
  Low Temp. -40°F to 203°F (-40°C to +95°C) -58°F to 203°F (-50°C to +95°C) Special made low temp materials, no valve
  High Temp. 23°F to 347°F (-5°C to +175°C) 5°F to 347°F (-15°C to +175°C) Special made high temp materials, no valve

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