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Volumeline Gas Springs ยป

High volume, low cost, commercial grade gas springs.

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Top of the line, robust design, industrial grade gas springs.

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316L stainless steel, corrosion resistant, industrial grade gas springs.

RV Replacement Gas Springs »

Custom built & designed springs exclusive to the RV industry.

How Gas Springs Work

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The Gas Spring:

Gas Spring Diagram

A gas spring consists of a precision rod attached to a piston moving within a sealed cylinder containing nitrogen at high pressure. Output forces are the result of the differential between the pressure in the cylinder and atmospheric pressure outside the cylinder acting on the cross-section of the rod. As the piston rod is introduced into the cylinder (compression stroke), the internal pressure increases according to the volume of gas displaced by the rod. This increase in Force or K-Factor is normally 5% - 50%. In comparison to mechanical springs, gas springs are almost constant force.

Because they operate on simple pressure differentials, gas springs will perform as well in the vacuum of space as they do on land.

Gas Spring Force Calculation:

Gas Spring Diagram

Learn more about how to calculate the Gas Spring Force for your current application.

Inventory of Gas Springs

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Standard Gas Springs: Stock standard gas springs are the most common type of gas spring, or gas strut, and are used for standard lifting, opening and counterbalance applications where a contained force device is needed. More about Standard Gas Springs »

Adjustable Locking Gas Springs: A locking gas spring incorporates a mechanism to enable the rod to be locked at any point in its travel. This set height or position, ensures worker safety, the stability of the lift platform or the equipment. More about Adjustable Locking Gas Springs »

Safety Lock Shroud Springs: A safety locking shroud springs that utilize a mechanical locking device to lock the gas spring in a fully extended position. More about Safety Lock Shroud Springs »

Tension Gas Springs: Also referred to as traction springs, these units operate the opposite of compression gas springs; they retract rather than extend. More about Tension Gas Springs »

Stainless Steel Gas Springs: We stock the most popular 316L stainless steel compression gas springs, used for applications that require protection against corrosion, or that need to be sanitized. More about Stainless Steel Gas Springs »

Custom Designed Springs: When standard gas springs are not suitable, IGS product specialists will design custom gas springs for your specific application. More about Custom Designed Springs »

Dampers: Unlike gas springs that generate force, dampers are used to control closing speed. They ensure that any equipment does not release too quickly, protecting the equipment and the safety of workers. More about Dampers »

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