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High volume, low cost, commercial grade gas springs.

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Top of the line, robust design, industrial grade gas springs.

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316L stainless steel, corrosion resistant, industrial grade gas springs.

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Custom built & designed springs exclusive to the RV industry.

Gas Spring & Strut Force Calculation

Gas spring force calculation is normally designated as P1 which is the force measured .2โ€ (5 mm) from full extension in the extending direction. Force is a function of the charge pressure in the cylinder acting on the cross section of the rod. The smaller the diameter of the rod the lower the force at the same pressure. For example, a spring with a 10 mm rod charged to a pressure of 1000 psi will yield a P1 force of 118 lbs. while a spring with a 6 mm rod charged to the same pressure will yield a force of only 41 lbs.

Compressed force is referred to as P2. P2 is measured .2โ€ (5 mm) from full compression in the extending direction and will always be greater than P1 as explained under K-Factor.

Don't care to calculate this? We can do that for you

If you weren't expecting to use a calculator, or supercomputer, to order your gas springs and would like our technicians to help with your design and calculations, our Gas Spring Design Services page has more resources.

If you are more of a visual person, we have a form with designs that are provided to let us know your specifications.


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