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Flexible Locking Gas Springs

A flexible locking gas spring has nitrogen gas on both sides of the piston. Gas is compressible so if sufficient force is applied to the rod when it’s in its locked state, either in tension or compression, the gas will compress and the strut rod will move a few millimeters from its locked position. When the force is removed the rod will return to its original position, while remaining locked, giving the characteristic flexing movement.

A small quantity of oil is inserted into the lockable gas spring so that in its normal rod down position, the seal is lubricated for maximum life. Other orientations are possible by the addition of an oil chamber.

Flexible locking gas springs are typically used in applications such as chair backs and seat height adjusters and equipment for the physically disabled where the flexing gives a comfortable “bouncy” feel. Further applications are those where no or little extra force is applied once the gas spring has been locked such as VDU height adjustment.


Flexible 10/23Flexible 10/28
Body diameter B 23 28
Admissible P1 force (P1 is the force 5mm from full extension) from 34 to 270 Pounds from 34 to 270 Pounds
Maximum force required to depress the plunger (P2 is the force 5mm from full compression) 14% of force P2 14% of force P2

Calculate the shoulder length for a flexible locking gas spring

Shoulder Length = (stroke x multiplier) + Shoulder length constant


Flexible 10/23Flexible 10/28
Multiplier 2 2
Shoulder length (P1 is the force 5mm from full extension) 3.58" 3.58"
K factor obtained (P2/P1) 1.4 1.2

Example - Calculation of shoulder length for a flexible locking gas spring with a 28mm body and a stroke of 4.00": Minimum shoulder Length = (4x2)+3.58=11.58"

Flexible Lockable Gas Strut

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