Our Most Popular Lines Of Gas Springs »

Volumeline Gas Springs ยป

High volume, low cost, commercial grade gas springs.

Customline Gas Springs »

Top of the line, robust design, industrial grade gas springs.

Stainless Steel Gas Springs »

316L stainless steel, corrosion resistant, industrial grade gas springs.

RV Replacement Gas Springs »

Custom built & designed springs exclusive to the RV industry.

Custom Line Gas Springs

The Custom Line range of gas springs offers micro compression gas springs and a selection of standard size gas springs.

Micro Gas Spring

  • Micro compression gas springs offer users many advantages due their small size and low force
  • Stroke range of 1" to 3.5"
  • Force range of 2lbs to 34lbs
Micro Gas Spring

Standard Size Spring

  • Sizes in stock to meet the requirements of most applications
  • Stroke range of 2" to 20"
  • Force range of 9lbs to 1,120lbs
  • All are available with release valves
Compression Spring Standard Sizes

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