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Calculating Gas Spring & Strut Size & Length

Industrial Gas Springs provides a valuable service offering the production of non-stock or custom compression gas springs to meet specific requirements.

A wide range of lengths and sizes can be supplied. There is a limit to how short a fully extended gas spring, prop, or lift can be made in relation to the stroke. The minimum extended shoulder length is calculated by referring to the following table and then making a simple calculation. To calculate gas spring size: multiply stroke by two and add the appropriate factor from the table (all dimensions in inches). 2 x Stroke plus Standard Factor below = minimum shoulder length (not including end fittings).

 Standard FactorRelease ValveOil Chamber
Type 4 0.95" N/A N/A
Type 6 1.24" 2.14" 2.54"
Type 8 1.51" 2.53" 3.08"
Type 10 1.85" 2.68" 3.27"
Type 14 2.04" 2.79" 3.93"
Type 20 3.35" 3.35" 5.68"

This calculation yields the extended shoulder length of the gas spring. To determine the extended length with fittings, add the “A” dimension of the each end fitting selected from the Gas Spring Fittings table.

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